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I am selling my house, do I need to waterproof my house?

Realtors have shown that a wet basement can affect resale by as much as 25%. Taking care of a wet basement is important to get full value of your home. Our 12-month no interest financing is a great option if you are selling your home. No money down and no interest when paid in full within 12 months.

I didn't expect to waterproof my basement, what financing do you offer?

We offer 2 forms of financing. We offer a low interest financing offer to help you get the lowest possible payment. The other is 12 month no interest financing. Whether you need to make low payments or just want to hold off on the payments we have a financing to fit your budget. 

Do I need to fix my water issues now or can I wait?

Yes, water issues can wreak havoc on your home. A damp basement can promote mildew growth and even degrade the inegirty of your home. If you suspect that you have water issues in your home don’t wait. Call us today to get a free inspection. 

How long does the average job take?

The majority of our work can be completed within a day or less. However, depending on the scale of the job the install could take multiple days to complete.

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